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Welcome To Srijan Hospital Who We Are.

Srijan Hospital is a CGHS approved and NABH Accredited multi-speciality hospital established in 2005 to provide high-quality healthcare in the pious city of Prayagraj and its surrounding areas. A multi-specialty hospital, Srijan is well-developed with departments for super specialties like IVF (Test Tube Centre), Intensive Care, Laparoscopic Surgery, Neonatology, Paediatric Surgery, Interventional Pain Clinic.

The vision of Srijan Vatsalya Hospital, as its name implies, is to bring state-of-the-art medical systems to every section of the society economically and effectively. Our objective is to ensure comprehensive health care for everyone and to attain a disease-free population.
To achieve our vision, the hospital aims to establish modern facilities for the treatment of serious and complex diseases with the latest equipment. In order to accomplish this mission, we are constantly evolving and enhancing our medical area to serve society as a whole.
With decades of expertise, we bring experience and quality in delivering affordable healthcare services to a patient-centric environment. Srijan Hospital, established in 2005, has become a one-stop solution for all things healthcare in the pious city of Prayagraj and its surrounding areas.


Some Of The Top Departments This Hospital Are

Critical Care
The Critical Care Department Provides Advanced Monitoring, Life Support, Therapy And Specialised Treatments For Patients With Any Type Of Critical Illness. With A Team Of Expert Consultants From Various Specialties, And Trained Staff, Led By An Intensivist, The Icu Is Equipped With Modular Beds, Multipara Monitors, Ventilators, Hfnc, Bipap, Defibrillator, Emergency Trolley, Suction Machine, Central Oxygen Line And Suction Lane.
The Emergency Department Provides Treatment And Care To Patients With Various Illnesses And Injuries, Including Ones Requiring Immediate Attention. Understanding The Importance Of Time In An Emergency, The Department Is Committed To Swift Assessment And Management Of Critical Injuries. Our 24-hour Emergency Area Is Staffed With Critical Care Experts, Consultants Of Various Specialties, Including Surgeons Who Are Prepared To Stabilize And Treat All Patients.
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Backed By The Expertise And Knowledge Of Highly Accredited Doctors, And Supported By Advanced Technology And Equipment, The Ob/gyn Department At Srijan Hospital Offers Excellent Treatment For A Wide Range Of Obstetric And Gynaecological Conditions. Over 15000 Families Have Been Blessed With Children At Srijan, And Major Complicated Surgeries Of Uterus, Cervices, Ovaries, Breasts, Fallopian Tube Are Successfully Performed Here.
Interventional Pain Management
Strategically Planned To Provide High Quality Services, Our Innovative Pain Management Clinic In One Of Its Kind With Advanced Management & Treatment For All Kinds Of Pain, Including Back-ache, Sciatica, Spondylitis, Arthritis, Headache, Cancer Pain, Joint-pain, Crps Etc. All Interventional Pain Procedures Are Done Under C-arm And Usg Guidance, Like Epidural Steroid Injections, Peripheral Nerve Block, Ganglion Block Etc.
Laparoscopic & General Surgery
The Laparoscopic & General Surgery Department Here Provides Conventional As Well As Minimally Invasive Surgical Treatments For Various Conditions. Backed By The Vast Clinical Expertise Of Our Surgeons, And Furnished With Cutting-edge Technology, The Department Is Suited To Undertake All Kinds Of Minor & Major Surgeries Under General, Regional Or Local Anaesthesia. Facilitated With An Ot Complex With 3 State-of-the-art Modular And Semi-modular Operation Theatres, Equipped With Laparoscope, Anaesthesia Machine, Ventilators, Multipara Monitors, Pulse Oximeter, C-arm, And Suction Machine.
Paediatrics & Neonatology
The Paediatrics And Neonatology Department A Team Of Qualified And Trained Doctors And Staff Available Making It A Comprehensive Centre For Child Care. The Availability Of The Latest Technology And Medical Treatments In A Compassionate Environment Helps Bring Out The Best In Our Young Patients. The Department Offers Care To Children Suffering From Various Ailments And Covers Most Common Childhood Conditions.well-developed Paediatrics Ward, Picu, And Nicu Is Available.
Internal Medicine
The Internal Medicine Department Provides Comprehensive Care For A Wide Range Of Ailments. The Team Of Expert Doctors Is Dedicated To Patient Care And Has The Knowledge To Provide Progressive Preventive, Diagnostic And Curative Medical Services For All Patients. The Outpatient Services Are Equipped For A Thorough Examination And 24x7 Radiology & Pathology Services Are Available For Quick Diagnosis.
Infertility & IVF
Equipped With A Well-developed Ivf Centre, The Facilities Available In The Infertility Department Are Semen Examination, Ovulation & Follicular Study, Infertility Tests, Hormonal Assay, Ultrasonography, And Colour Doppler. The Centre Is Furnished For Procedures Like Iui, Ivf, Icsi, Hatching, And Embryo Preservation. In-house Ivf Experts, Embryologists And Counsellors Are Available To Ease The Process For The Patients.
Pulmonology (Tuberculosis, Chest & Respiratory)
The Pulmonology Department Provides Broad-ranging Facilities For The Diagnosis And Management Of All Aspects Of Pulmonary And Sleep-related Disorders. Well-equipped Inpatient Wards And Outpatient Areas Offer The Utmost Comfort To Our Patients As We Deliver All-inclusive Care To Patients Of All Ages And Suffering From A Wide-range Of Respiratory Ailments. The Department Is Backed By Experts In The Field And Various Facilities Like Pulmonary Function Test, Bronchoscopy, Sleep Study Etc. Are Available.
Nephrology & Dialysis
The Nephrology Department At Srijan Offers Advanced Treatment For A Wide Range Of Kidney Diseases. A Well-equipped Dialysis Unit With 8 Dialysis Fresenius Machines, Multipara Monitors, Central Line Oxygen, Central Suction Line Etc. Is Situated Adjacent To The Intensive Care Unit. The Department Is Backed By A Very Efficient Team Of Nephrologists, Experienced Technicians And Support Staff Who Provide Holistic Kidney Care.
Orthopaedics & Joint Surgery
The Orthopaedics Department At Srijan Hospital Provides Extensive Solutions For A Wide Range Of Orthopaedic Disorders Of Bones, Joints, Ligaments And Muscles. The Department Offers High-quality Amenities To All Ages For Simple As Well As Complex Fractures And Dislocations. Also Available Are Pain-relief Solutions For Arthritis, Degenerative Diseases Or Trauma To The Joint.
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Is Not Specific To Any Organ, But Deals With The Whole Body. The Aim Of This Field Of Medicine Is To Improve Functionality Or Quality Of Life For The Affected Individuals. This Department Is Comprised Of Experienced Doctors And Trained Staff Along With State-of-the-art Equipment And Facilities. Well-equipped Inpatient Wards And Compassionate Care Offer The Utmost Comfort To Our Patients As They Recover.
The Department Of Cardiology Offers Specialized Diagnostic And Treatment Services To The Patients. The Facilities At The Department Are Supported By Highly Qualified And Experienced Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses And Staff Who Provide Compassionate Care For Any Heart Ailment. It Is Equipped With State-of-art Equipment And Treatment Services Like, Ecg Machine, 2d Echo, Colour Doppler, Tmt Machine Etc.
Urology & Lithotripsy
The Urology & Lithotripsy Department Here Offers Advanced Medical Treatment For All Aspects Of Urological Conditions. Providing Comprehensive Diagnosis And Treatment The Department Is Supported By A Dedicated Team Of Experts - Doctors And Technicians Alike. Well-equipped With Facilities Like Modular Urology Operation Theatre With C-arm, Uroscope, Cystoscope, Anaesthesia Machine, Multipara Monitors; And Procedures Like Turp, Pcnl, Eswl, Cystoscopy, Nephrolithotomy, And Urethroplasty Surgeries Are Regularly Performed Here At Srijan.
Equipped With Latest Cutting-edge Technology And Backed By The Expertise Of Trained Professionals, The Department Is Equipped For Digital X-ray, Mobile X-ray, Ultrasonography, Colour Doppler, 2d Echo, Spiral C.t. Scanner, Etc. The Wide Range Of Imaging Services Are Available To All Age-groups, Using Advanced Equipment And Techniques. With The Highest Quality Of Imaging And Interpretation, The Department Provides The Experienced Specialists Of The Hospital With A Strong Foundation.
ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)
The Ear, Nose & Throat (Ent), Also Known As The Otolaryngology Department Caters To A Wide Range Of Ent Treatments And Surgeries. With Support Of Our Excellent Doctors, Surgeons, Technicians, And Support Staff, Our Ent Department Focuses On Complete Patient Satisfaction. The Department Is Equipped With Advanced Medical Technology For The Benefit Of The Patients. A Multi-disciplinary Care Is Provided To Patients, With Support From Other Departments.
The Ophthalmology Department At Srijan Provides High Quality Care For All Aspects Of Eye Diseases Afflicting Patients. Assimilating Technology With The Experience Of Highly Trained Doctors, We Offer Excellence In Our Treatment And Care Of Patients. The Team Is Dedicated To Quality During The Diagnosis And Treatment Of All Conditions, And All Minor/major Ophthalmic Surgeries Including Cataract & Glaucoma Surgeries.
The Neurology Department At Srijan Offers High-quality Treatment For All Aspects Of Neurological Conditions Starting From Comprehensive Diagnosis. Bringing Together Resources, Capabilities And Expertise Of Highly Qualified Consultants, Technical Professionals And Nursing Staff, The Department Aims To Meet The Needs Of Patients With Multisystemic Diseases. The State-of-art Technology Ensures The Best Outcomes For The Patients In Neurology And Neurosurgery.
The Department Of Anaesthesia Provides Excellence In Patient Satisfaction By Committing To High-standard In Clinical Services. The Availability Of Latest Medical Technology Aids Us In Delivering Reliable And Efficient Anaesthesia Services. All Kinds Of Minor & Major Surgeries Are Performed Under General, Regional & Local Anaesthesia. All Post-operative Patients Are Closely Monitored In A Specialised Care Unit By Trained Professionals.
Pathology & Microbiology
The Pathology & Microbiology Provides Around-the-clock Services For Our Inpatients As Well As Our Outpatients. The Nabl Certified Lab Has State-of-art Technology Ensuring That The Patients Receive Quality Results With The Fastest Turnaround Time. The Expertise Of Doctors, Technicians And Support Staff Helps Us Maintain Our High-quality Standards, Patient Satisfaction And Accreditation.
The physiotherapy department plays an integral role in several clinical fields. Our consultants, trained professionals and support team use latest research and evidence-based methods for treatment. Well-developed and adequately equipped physiotherapy department with soft laser treatment, cervical & lumbar traction ultrasonic therapy, IFT, muscle power test, NCV goniometry, short-wave diathermy remedial exercises & massages.
The Dental Department At Srijan Offers Dental Treatment In A Caring And Comfortable Environment. Using Updated Technology And Backed By The Expertise Of Trained Professionals, We Help Our Patients By Providing Them The Best Services And Improving Their Quality Of Life. At Srijan, Personalised Dental Care Is Available At Affordable Prices And Under Hygienic Environment.
Ayurveda & Unani Medicine
The Ancient Indian Medical Healing System, Known As Ayurveda, Relies On A Holistic And Natural Approach To Physical As Well As Mental Health. Ayurvedic Medicine, One Of The World’s Oldest Medical Systems, Still Remains One Of India’s Traditional Health Care Systems. Ayurvedic Treatment Combines Products (Mainly Derived From Natural Sources Like Plants, But May Also Include Animal, Metal, And Mineral), Diet, Exercise, And Lifestyle.


Some Of The Top Services This Hospital Are.

Health Card

Our health card which can be obtained free-of-cost right at the entrance of our office. Our health card offers the patients discount of 3-5% on medicines, 10% on inpatient services, 20% on in-house investigations, and also on ambulance services. The aim of this card is to promote good health and facilitate early diagnosis & treatment. The health card was launched with the idea of encouraging community well-being and welfare.

Pharmacy 24x7

A patient may require medications urgently in emergency situations at the unexpected time. That is the reason that Srijan Hospital has a round-the-clock pharmacy - Sahyog Chemist - located at the front of the hospital, stocked extensively with trusted drugs and is easily accessible to the patients. It is backed by the expertise of our consultants, qualified pharmacists, technicians and a digital standardized billing process.

Pathology 24x7

Srijan Pathology is a 24x7 NABL certified lab equipped with state-of-art equipment for inpatient, outpatient as well as walk-in patients. The lab is backed by expert pathologists and technicians to ensure highest standard of quality and accreditation. Routine and specialised tests are offered, and the equipments available are CBC machine, fully auto-analyser, ABG machine, semi auto-analyser, Na+ K+ Ca+ analyser, mini vidas hormone analyser, etc.

C.T. Scan

A C.T. scan combines a series of X-ray images to provide detailed information. A C.T. Scan is particularly well-suited to swiftly examine people who may have internal trauma injuries. It can be used to visualize most parts of the body, diagnose ailment or injury, and plan medical, surgical or radiation treatment. It can also help diagnose tumors, fractures, cancers etc. and guide procedures like surgery, biopsy and radiation therapy.

Insurance Office

The hospital is empanelled with top Insurance companies and Third Party Administrators to provide seamless cashless coverage for our patients' healthcare. All insured patients must present a valid insurance card or insurance policy document in order to avail the service. The list of these tie-ups is dynamic, and therefore constantly changing. Kindly contact our Insurance Desk for any queries.

Emergency 24x7

Committed to swift assessment and management of critical injuries, our 24-hour emergency area is staffed with experts and is located on the ground floor for easy access, with lift facility. It is a well-equipped ward with multipara monitors, central oxygen line & suction, ECG, X-Ray, defibrillator and ventilator. A distinct emergency management system has been developed to increase efficiency.

Diagnostic Imaging

Equipped with latest cutting-edge technology and backed by the expertise of trained professionals, our diagnostic imaging includes digital X-Ray, mobile X-Ray, ultrasonography, colour doppler, 2D ECHO, colposcope, spiral C.T. Scanner, etc. The wide range of imaging services are available to all age-groups, using advanced techniques and is located strategically for the ease of all patients.


The well-equipped IVF lab offers facilities like semen examination, ovulation & follicular study, infertility tests, hormonal assay, ultrasonography, and colour doppler. Procedures like IUI, IVF, ICSI, hatching, and embryo preservation are performed by in-house experts. The availability of modern technology at Srijan has unlocked many options for couples facing infertility issues.

Dialysis Unit

A well-equipped dialysis unit with 8 dialysis Fresenius machines, multipara monitors, central line oxygen, central suction line etc. and is situated adjacent to the intensive care unit. The unit is supported by a very efficient team of nephrologists and experienced technicians who are highly skilled in haemodialysis as well as peritoneal dialysis and provide complete holistic kidney care.

High Dependency Unit

HDUs are progressive and intermediate care units available for patients who need a more intense care (treatment and monitoring), but less than what is given in an ICU. It is especially necessary for post-operative patients and those who are in single-organ failure. HDU is multidisciplinary, and is backed by an expert team of consultants, technicians, and nursing staff.

Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU)

Most postoperative patients requiring round-the-clock are admitted in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU). A multidisciplinary team of expert healthcare professionals - surgeons, anaesthetists, and nurses - are available to care for patients and are experienced in working with trauma patients. The advanced technology exhibits our commitment to the well-being of our patients.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

The NICU is well-equipped with paediatric ventilators, multipara monitors, pulse oximeter, phototherapy units, laryngoscope etc. Our expert team of neonatologists, paediatricians and nurses are pioneers in diagnosis, surgery, and new-born critical care, and are constantly working to advance the techniques used to treat new-borns requiring specialized care.

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

The PICU is technologically advanced, and caters to the needs of the children and their families. It is staffed by paediatric specialists, in various medical and surgical specialties and trained nurses. It provides critically ill infants and children with the highest level of quality of paediatric care, and allows for intensive care and monitoring of vitals.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

ICU with modular beds, multipara monitor, ventilators, defibrillator, central oxygen line, etc. and provides advanced monitoring, life support, therapy and specialised treatments for critically ill patients. For immediate attention to the patients, a team of expert consultants from various specialties and junior doctors are available, headed by an Intensivist.

Inpatient Care

Comfortable beds with patient facilities and amenities are available for our inpatients. Our team of doctors, technicians, nurses and support staff are present round-the-clock to care for the patients. Facilities like pharmacy, diagnostics and pathology are available inside the premises. The various categories of the rooms are - private, semi-private, deluxe, male general and female general ward.

Outpatient Care

Our outpatient care includes a wide range of super specialty services, including physicians, non-physician healthcare professionals, prescription and non-prescription medications, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, assistive devices, etc. Advances in medical technology has resulted in several minor surgeries and treatments which can be performed as outpatient procedures.

Operating Rooms

Our OT complex is comprised of 3 state-of-the-art modular and semi-modular operation theatres, equipped with laparoscope, anaesthesia machine, ventilators, multipara monitors, pulse oximeter, C-arm, and suction machine. It is suited to undertake all kinds of minor & major surgeries under general, regional or local anaesthesia. A SICU, HDU and recovery rooms are also available.


C-Arm, a technologically-advanced medical imaging device based on X-Ray, is used flexibly in the operating rooms. It is often used in different surgeries - orthopaedics, traumatology, vascular, cardiology - for intra-operative imaging. The equipment provides high-resolution X-Ray images, allowing the surgeon a real-time clear-cut view of anatomic structures of the patients.


Lithotripsy, a non-invasive procedure, is used to treat large kidney stones by sending focused ultrasonic energy or shock waves directly to the stone. The shock waves help break the stone into smaller pieces to ensure they pass through the urinary system. It is an efficient non-surgical procedure for treating kidney stones performed by experiences physicians and technicians.

Advanced Physiotherapy

Using latest research and evidence-based methods for treatment, our physiotherapy team plays an important role in many clinical and medical specialties. Procedures like soft laser treatment, cervical & lumbar traction ultrasonic therapy, IFT, muscle power test, NCV goniometry, short-wave diathermy remedial exercises & massages are regularly performed.

Labour Room with CTG

A CTG machine is used by physicians before birth and during labour, to monitor the baby's heart rate and the mother's contractions. Comprehensive, high-quality, obstetrician-led care is provided in the labour room supported by experts in various fields. Our inhouse emergency care, intensive care unit and diagnostic services are a source of comfort to the patients and their families.

Advanced Techniques

Srijan Hospital assimilates the most up-to-date medical technology and techniques in patient care that aids healthcare professionals diagnose ailments and treat patients competently and productively. Facilities like centralised oxygen plant with centralised suction for supply of clean medical gas, treadmill test for monitoring electrical activity of the heart, etc. are available.

Ambulance Services

With our on-call outsourced ambulance services, the nearest ambulance will be sent to the patients' place, to swiftly bring them to Srijan. On arrival, the emergency team will be available at the gate with the necessary equipment to ensure no loss of time.


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The Hospital Is Good And The Staff Is Very Helpful And Cooperative. Special Thanks To Dr. Deepali Mam For My Delivery. She Handled Me Very Nicely At Every Aspect. Highly Satisfied And Recommended For Normal Delivery.
Preeti Shukla
This Is Best Hospitals For Gynae Specially Deepali Ma'am Have More Experience About This Field. Thanks To Srijan Team And Dr. Deepali Ma'am.the Hospital Is Good And The Staff Is Very Helpful And Cooperative.
Sateesh Seth
Best Hospital In Allahabad..all Staff Very Nice Behavior Specially Ms Kanika Agarwal....i Am Preference To All Person This Hospital.overall My Experiance In This Hospital Is Excellence.
Mohdshad Arif
The Arrangement Of Srijan Hospital Is Very Good, The Staff Of The Hospital Are Very Good.hospital Is Very Good Staff Is Very Good Co-operative And Helpful. Thanx To Dr. Tanay Singh.
Ashish Kumar

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